Remo De Bartolomeo e Davide Battisti

ADUSS (Associazione Da Un Solo Seme - Association From Just A Seed) was founded on October 1, 2011. The idea of creating this association and taking the field in person wasn't just a whim. Over the years, the idea of doing something concrete for third-world children slowly took root in the hearts of its founders: Remo De Bartolomeo and Davide Battisti. Our encounter with a Togolese nun, Sister Justine, finally spurred us into action. The spirit and strength of Sister Justine are such that they open every heart and fill it with a particular sense of duty towards the less fortunate, such as the people of Togo. Our biggest challenge, of course, is to eliminate prejudice and perplexities that arise from a strong sense of helplessness.



While it is true that a single drop is lost in the sea, it is also true that the sea is made up of many tiny drops.

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